Rhizobium inoculants
Weed master etc.
Company info

Elomestari Ltd
Koskitie 185
FIN-95520 Kukkola (Tornio), Finland

Phone +358 16-472 000
Fax +358 16-472 001 GSM +46 76 80 40 429


Our mission is to produce material and equipment for sustainable agriculture. 
We produce: 
- Weed Master -flamers and -hoes for small-scale professional vegetable growers.
- Crawler, a lay-down work cart for all handwork in the vegetable field or greenhouse.
- Rhizobium inoculants for finnish farmers

We sell:
- Kress hoes 
- EV seed spreaders

We take part in research&development activities: 
- MAF funded project Oversowing of clover leys
- EU funded international project BACDIVERS 
- development of vegetable production techniques (AVIKE, in finnish only, sorry!)

We offer consult services:
- lectures & consultancy of legumes, organic fertilisers, weed control,
  Rhizobium technology

We produce vegetables and forage in our farm.
All our products are developed and tested in our own production.

We have made a video illustrating Weed Master and Crawler! This 14 min video shows 
major weed control options for organic vegetable production, as well as hand weeding 
and picking on Crawler. The video is available as VHS-tape (European standard) and CD. 
CD is compatible with DVD players and all Windows-computers (operating system 98 or 
higher, MediaPlayer software). The sound is in Finnish. 
If you are interested, the VHS-tape costs 20 euro (incl. shipping and handling),
the CD we can send for free.